LEIA – Liam Loves Escalators

Liam Loves Escalators

LEIA is proud to present the ‘Liam Loves’ safety campaign, encouraging children and their families to be safe when using lifts and escalators. LEIA has created a series of fun, free children’s books for young children to enjoy and learn from.

One of LEIA’s key objectives is to provide advice on health, safety and standards and the ‘Liam Loves’ children’s safety campaign highlights our commitment to this cause.

Liam is an inquisitive little boy whose love of exploring can something cause him and his favourite toys to get into mischief.

‘Liam Loves Escalators’ children’s storybook and poster continues the story of Liam, the inquisitive little boy from the first story. Liam is now a few years older and children will get to join him in his latest adventure as he learns about the ‘Do’s’ and ‘Don’ts’ of using escalators through a series of fabulously fun illustrations.

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