Lift Maintenance

The best maintenance contracts become a partnership between the client and the lift company.

That guarantees reliable operation of the elevator by establishing a long term commitment to provide engineering support and timely replacement of worn parts as detected during routine maintenance visits.


Once a lift is installed, it is essential it be maintained by a competent, caring company if the investment is to be truly protected. This also applies retrospectively to the maintenance and service of lifts installed by others.

The Elevator Company uses its own highly trained and qualified lift engineers to undertake these works and the engineers are constantly updated with regards to changing standards or legislation.

This enables them to make their maintenance and service recommendations in as constructive a manner as possible and with due regard to our clients requirements.

The Elevator Company can undertake lift maintenance on all makes and types of lifts and its in – depth knowledge of the industry allows efficient sourcing of spares, early diagnosis of faults and the implementation of the necessary remedial actions with a minimum of fuss, disruption to normal service, inconvenience and cost.

Our engineers are available 24 hrs of the day, every day of the year and are readily contactable via their mobile telephones.

Upgrades & Repairs

Old lifts don't always need replacement - with a properly specified upgrade these items can be addressed with competitively priced solutions tailored to meet your long term property needs and financial constraints. We can offer solutions to include:

  • Disabled Disability Act modifications
  • Energy efficient Control and Drive system upgrade
  • Door operating system upgrade
  • Lift interior modernisation
  • Operating pushes and information display upgrade



Lift Installation

The Elevator Company offer quality installations of both hydraulic and traction lifts. From the smallest Dumb Waiter to the biggest hydraulic Goods Lift, all installation work is carried out to the highest industry standards, and there is no restriction on the types of lifts installed.

Lift Installation Process
  1. A specialist engineer will contact you directly and work closely with you to give a superb quality of service
  2. You will be advised of any preparatory work that is needed before installation can take place
  3. A survey will need to be carried out before any installation work can begin
  4. If deemed necessary, recommendations may then be made to you

Our independent status enables us to source the correct equipment to provide the right installation for you. The Elevator Company provides the customer with a high quality product in installations and we specialise in Low to High rise applications in all load capacities.

The Elevator Company can transform lifts and tailor packages to suit every lift modernisation or repair requirement. We will always listen to your requirements and thoughts prior to offering carefully thought out and professionally prepared repair and modernisation solutions to suit your budget. We offer all new customers a free survey which is carried out by a qualified lift engineer. If you are looking at having a lift installed, refurbished or maintained we are always willing help.